5 Tips for Transitioning into Daycare

23 March, 2022 | By PPAdminTeam


How do you manage your growing family if you’re not working from home? One potential answer is daycare. At Pebbles & Piaget, we offer quality daycare programs in Langley and Vancouver. Our curriculum is designed to help children grow, both physically and cognitively, in an environment that encourages dynamic hands-on discovery. 

Our learning programs are flexible, slowly transitioning from an emphasis on play and exploration for our youngest learners to increased teacher-lead opportunities and curated activities designed to engage students as they approach their zone of proximal development. We’re immensely proud that our unique psychology-based curriculum has made Pebbles & Piaget a top-rated preschool.

Tips for Transitioning to Daycare

Of course, however wonderful a program sounds, we understand putting a little one into daycare can be a stressful event—for both parents and child. That’s why we’ve come up with 5 tips to make transitioning a smoother experience.

1) Talk about Daycare

Whether it’s an infant, toddler, or preschooler, make sure to talk about daycare programs with your little ones. Emphasize it’s a fun place for learning and play. Some enjoyable ideas could include playtime lessons together—or even exploring popular Preschool Starting books for 2022.

2) Visit the Facility

Familiarity can make any experience a lot less scary—for parents and children. That’s why before daycare begins, it’s a good idea to bring your child to Pebbles & Piaget. Let them look around, play with a few toys, and even meet their future teachers. Seeing other kids at play can also be very reassuring that attending daycare is an enjoyable and normal experience.

3) Practice Social Skills

For many children, daycare is the very first step towards building independence. Most kids are happy being watched by various caregivers in their home, but a different environment full of new people can be overwhelming. Expanding your little one’s social circles beforehand can be very helpful. Consider short visits with new people at different locations to help build up social skills and security.

4) Give Yourself Extra Time

When daycare is a new experience, schedule 20-30 minutes extra for drop-off. Saying bye for the first time can be challenging—for both parents and children. It is normal, and you may need to do this until the new routine feels natural. Of course, our WatchMeGrow access offers secure classroom streaming at any time. As educators, we understand the importance of transparency in the classroom—and being able to watch your little one play and learn can be tremendously reassuring.  

5) Start Slow

For some children, it may be necessary to transition them a few days at a time before gradually progressing into full-time childcare. For the first day of daycare, consider taking a day off. Making sure your little one is settled into daycare before returning to work dramatically increases the likelihood of a successful transition.

Keep Growing Together

When you take your little one home, talk about the day together. We provide Tadpoles Daily Reports, so you can discuss daily lessons and projects. Over the weekend, create time for a fun family activity your little one will enjoy sharing when they return to daycare—a trip to the park, zoo, or a family-time game are all great examples.

At Pebbles & Piaget, we understand transitioning into daycare isn’t always easy. There are many concerns—for both parents and children. We are proud to provide a nurturing, supportive environment for learning and growth, but our real asset is leading childhood educators who know how to help kids adapt and learn lots of important things while having fun. Call (778) 705-9186 to set up a tour or learn more about our childcare programs in Langley or call (604) 620-3121for our Vancouver location.


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