The Pebbles & Piaget Baby program is designed to stimulate the five senses and plant the seeds of future success across all areas of development. It has been created with age-appropriate abilities in mind to ensure our youngest learners remain engaged without pressure or frustration. Balanced & adventurous exploration, opportunities for peer social engagement, and an introduction to teacher-guided instruction all set in a warm and inviting classroom form the pillars for this foundational year

Curriculum Objectives
  • Build Social and Emotional Interaction

  • Develop Language Skills

  • Gain Motor Control

  • Engage through Sensory-based Learning

  • Explore Spaces and Classroom (as age appropriate)

Sample Schedule
Early Arrival Free Play Centre Exploration
Baby Yoga + Stretching
Creative Stations (Visual Arts + Dramatic Play)
Transition Time + Carpet Free Play (Diapering/Hand Washing/Breakfast Prep)
Outdoor Exploration + Gross Motor Play
Transition Time + Little Library Exploration
Thematic Group Circle Time (Songs/Stories/Puppets)
Sensorial Stations (Pre-numeracy concepts & Hands-On Science Discovery)
Transition Time (Hand Washing)
Transition Time + Bedtime Story (Diapering/Hand Washing/Lunch Clean Up)
Nap + Quiet Time
Post Nap Transition Time (Diapering/Hand Washing\Snack Prep)
Afternoon Snack
Exploratory Language Learning Stations (pre-writing fine motor exercises)
Outdoor Exploration + Gross Motor Play
Transition Time + Music
Pick Up + Free Play Centre Exploration


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Pebbles & Piaget has created early learning programs (ECE) that stimulate the five senses and plant the seed for future success across all areas of development. To learn more about our junior kindergarten and our other programs in Vancouver and Langley, please contact us.

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