Child Care in Langley: Teaching the Whole Child

28 June, 2022 | By PPAdminTeam


Parents consider Pebbles’ child care in Langley for many reasons. One of the biggest is that higher education is competitive. Many parents want to do whatever they can to help their little ones get ahead.

As pioneers in early learning, we offer a holistic curriculum that caters to the whole child. Education should never come at the expense of other needs. That’s why we developed age-appropriate programs around the teachings of Swiss psychologist Jean Piaget who is known for his work in early childhood development. Our BC-certified teachers lead students through a balanced daily curriculum that addresses intellectual, physical, artistic, emotional, and nutritional wellness in state-of-the-art classroom settings at our brand-new facility in Langley.

Intellectual Growth

Our signature programs foster the childhood need to explore both physically and cognitively. Every classroom sets the stage for dynamic hands-on discovery and encourages an atmosphere of wonder and delight. To meet the different learning styles of our students, we don’t rely on any single teaching method. Instead, we introduce experiential and project-based learning that encourages participation and engagement from all students. Students are given age-appropriate tasks and responsibilities, designed to keep them organically engaged, with the guidance and encouragement of our caring teachers.

Artistic Appreciation

Artistic development fills an important niche in our curriculum. More than a language to express ideas and emotions, studies show sights, sounds, movement, and colours stimulate neural connections. Activities like story time, music, and visual arts exercise both sides of the brain, which has been linked to an increased capacity for memory, concentration, and attention.

Emotional Development

It’s no secret that young children need security, encouragement, and affection to support healthy mental and emotional development. To facilitate this, we have at least one teacher for every four students in our Infant-Toddler classrooms and at least one teacher for every eight students in our Junior Kindergarten classrooms. We make it a priority to offer abundant praise, encouragement, and guidance—and we always model exemplary behaviours like cooperation, collaboration, light leadership, curiosity, sharing, and kindness. When we notice aggressive or disruptive behaviours, we work with the student and parents before situations escalate.

Healthy Living

Well-rounded students need time to explore and exercise. That’s why our lessons are punctuated with periods of purposeful play. We’ve built opportunities that allow our little ones to burn off excess energy right into our curriculum. These may include elements like teacher-led yoga and stretching or even outdoor exploration. And to keep little ones full and fueled, our in-house chef provides fresh, healthy snacks and hot meals, all prepared according to the latest guidelines of the Canada Food Guide for optimal nutrition.

Embracing Challenges

Perhaps the most important lesson we teach at Pebbles & Piaget is to embrace challenges. As students cultivate leadership abilities and learn their natural talents, our teachers provide opportunities to explore new activities and interests. We believe growth is one of the most important qualities for long-term success. That’s why we keep students engaged with age-appropriate activities for their proximal zone of development as they progress through our curriculum.

Reinforcing Lessons at Home

For child care in Langley, we have designed a holistic curriculum followed by our team of licensed early childhood educators. However, for children to experience the full benefits of our program, they need caring parents and adults who reinforce beneficial ideas.

So much of what children learn comes down to the behaviours they see their parents’ role modelling at home. By collaborating with parents, we work to build up positive attitudes toward learning and health. We make this possible by ensuring parents know what’s happening in the classroom.

Tadpoles Daily Reports is an easy-to-access resource that provides a visual overview of daily lessons and activities, including learning, playing, and meals. Send these updates to different family members to keep everyone in the loop and proactively engage your little one about their day and what they learned.

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