Choosing a Daycare in Langley

4 August, 2023 | By PPAdminTeam


The search begins—with a quickly typed inquiry of “daycare near me,” Google provides over 900,000 results. It’s likely most parents will only check the first page or two. Who has time? As pioneers in early learning, we wanted to share tips to help you make one of the most important early decisions in your child’s life. Finding a “daycare near me,” isn’t just about location; it’s essential to find a school that will keep you involved with programs that support physical, mental, and emotional growth.


Any preschool you entrust with the care of your little one should foster honest and open communication. As early educators, we know parents want to know about anything and everything going on—good or bad. At Pebbles & Piaget, we keep our parents up to date and informed with Tadpoles Daily Report. Access photos and videos that provide an overview of your little one’s day, as daily reports about all activities, including learning, playing, and meals.


Security and emergency protocols are in place at both our preschools in Langley and Vancouver. Both schools are secure, with a single-entry point monitored by front-end staff and kept locked at all times. Guests sign in upon arrival. Students also enjoy extra care and safety due to the group size and extra staff. All teachers are CPR and First Aid Certified.

Class Divisions

Another factor–consider class division—by age, interest, or something else? For developmentally tailored programming, we based our classroom levels on age. This has allowed up to create thematically diverse, age-appropriated curriculums that work to foster all areas of development in an age-appropriate way. Even our youngest students can participate and learn without pressure and frustration. Programs break down as follows:

Social & Emotional Development

Some preschools have different focuses. Our programs at Pebbles & Piaget Early Learning in Langley and Vancouver scaffold all areas of development.

Our signature programs are designed to foster the childhood need to grow academically, socially, physically, and emotionally. In classrooms that set the stage for dynamic hands-on discovery and wonder, students interact and play under the watchful eyes of our instructors, learning defined boundaries, social behaviours, and emotional intelligence in a nurturing and supportive environment.

The Teachers

Our instructors are what set our programs apart. All instructors are BC-certified and undergo extensive ongoing training to stay current on the best methods to help children learn, mature, and grow. We believe in hiring passionate educators with specialized training in instruction and childcare and providing them with the support and resources necessary to excel in their roles.

Atmosphere & Classroom Environment

We encourage parents in Vancouver and Langley to tour our schools because we believe it’s important to provide a wonderful and stimulating environment. Our classrooms are designed to drive dynamic hands-on discovery, with educational tools and toys that encourage problem-solving and critical thinking skills. Playtime is built into our curriculum as an essential component that allows children to socialize, discover, explore, and grow—and we encourage this by providing colourful, exciting environments designed to delight and stimulate the imagination. Click here for a virtual of our Langley Preschool.

After you’ve finished searching for “daycare near me.” We invite you to learn more about Pebbles & Piaget. As one of the highest-rated preschools in Vancouver, we have pioneered early learning programs (ECE) that stimulate the five senses and plant the seed for future success across all areas of development. Please get in touch with us to learn more about our programs, including junior kindergarten in Langley and Vancouver.


Pebbles & Piaget has created early learning programs (ECE) that stimulate the five senses and plant the seed for future success across all areas of development. To learn more about our junior kindergarten and our other programs in Vancouver and Langley, please contact us.

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