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10 May, 2023 | By PPAdminTeam


As a daycare in Langley in Vancouver, we at Pebbles & Piaget combine a unique psychology-based curriculum with periods of purposeful play. Our licensed instructors balance teacher-led learning with activities designed to stimulate the five senses, helping little ones to grow and preparing them for their academic future. As a curriculum designed to foster excellence across all areas of development, we have built-in playtime as a tool to help our students think creatively and interact socially.

Our pioneering early learning programs have distinguished Pebbles & Piaget as a top-rated preschool in Vancouver. As licensed educators, we understand how fundamental playtime is for our students’ development. Far more than fun and games, playtime is a big part of how kids learn. It is a valuable outlet for channelling away stress and energy, leaving students ready to engage in teacher-led learning.

There are countless studies on the benefits of play for children of all ages. Play is a tool that fosters cognitive, physical, emotional, and social development. Children start to emulate what they see and develop different skills. They learn the value of communication and the benefits of practice. It is a time for learning, exploration, problem-solving, and personal development.

Our students at Pebbles & Piaget demonstrate the benefits of play every day. From developing fine motor skills to critical thinking, our program-level specialists offer the tools, guidance, and encouragement little ones need to make playtime productive. Students discover concepts like taking turns, cooperation, sharing, and compromise. This segues into emotional benefits as they learn how to communicate and process feelings related to happiness, sadness, excitement, or frustration as games are won and lost.  

Play is integral to the development of identity and self-esteem. Play is consistently present in all program levels at Pebbles and Piaget, from Baby through Junior Kindergarten 2. Our program-level specialists ensure playful opportunities are beneficial by providing their students with age-appropriate games, toys and activities

We’ve divided our classes into four groups for children between 10 months to 5 years:

All programs for daycare in Langley and Vancouver are designed to foster creative ambition and academics through an age-appropriate curriculum delivered in a nurturing and supportive environment. 

For babies just learning to sit, walk, and crawl, we introduce play through games like peekaboo. Sensorial experiences are essential, and the games we play help our youngest students to experience the world around them through colours, textures, sounds and other stimuli designed to build recognition and perception. 

For older students, play is about imagination and dynamic hands-on discovery. Toddlers benefit from activities like pretending with puppets or joining a simple group puzzle. Preschoolers are gradually introduced to the concept of solo play with tools like art supplies and building blocks—activities that allow them to exercise creativity and challenge themselves.

Play is a part of the journey to strong, successful, well-rounded development. It is not frivolous—it is brain-building and a fundamental tool in our early learning toolbox at Pebbles & Piaget.

Learn more about our programs for early learning at our preschools in Langley and Vancouver. We have limited openings in our Baby ProgramJunior Kindergarten 1 & 2, and our Toddler Program this spring.

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Pebbles & Piaget has created early learning programs (ECE) that stimulate the five senses and plant the seed for future success across all areas of development. To learn more about our junior kindergarten and our other programs in Vancouver and Langley, please contact us.

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