Nurturing Independence in Toddlers: Tips for Parents

7 March, 2022 | By PPAdminTeam


As a top-rated preschool in Langley, our programs at Pebbles & Piaget go beyond childcare. We’ve developed a thematically diverse curriculum where our students learn about defined boundaries, respectful consistency, and gain an introduction to literacy, mathematics, and arts.

As providers of Early Childhood Education in Vancouver, we recognize the toddler stage for its rapid onset of learning and curiosity. As early education providers, our Toddler Program for two to three-year-olds is curated with activities that both delight young learners and keep them engaged as they organically approach their zone of proximal development. Curriculum themes include: 

  • Cultivating curiosity
  • Expanding vocabulary
  • Fostering independence
  • Strengthening social & emotional competency
  • Building familiarity with numbers

Supporting Toddler Development as Parents

For parents, the years you spend with your toddlers will be some of the best in your life, full of talking, singing, playing, and bonding as you rediscover the world through the wonderment and delight of a child’s eyes.

Toddlers are when kids start becoming little people. They have preferences—a favourite toy, food, or outfit. In these formative years of developing independence, kids can occasionally display challenging behaviours as they begin exploring their independence. Try these helpful tips from our teachers to help channel challenging behaviours to create a happy and positive environment at home while supporting toddler development.

1) Ask for help

Kids as young as two are already capable of simple tasks like putting laundry into drawers, cleaning up their toys, and even carrying small things like a lunchbox. Even if it takes a bit longer, try sharing small tasks that foster independence and capability. For example, if the family is having salad for dinner, ask for help tearing up the lettuce.

2) It’s about choice

Making choices is a big part of becoming independent. Occasionally giving toddlers the opportunity to make their own can be a productive way to channel challenging behaviour. For example, ask them to choose an after-school snack—or which pyjamas they’d like to wear. Try to state questions clearly: “Do you want to wear the red pyjamas or the blue?” 

3) Avoid power struggles

Power struggles can be a byproduct of growing toddler independence. When a child is being resistant, try diffusing the situation by offering a choice. For example, if he/she needs to pick up toys and is refusing, ask a question: “Do you want to put your crayons or books away first?” 

4) Share and engage

Showing your little one they are loved supports healthy emotional development. Sing in the car together, have a dance party in the kitchen. Smile, laugh, and indulge in lots of precious moments together.

5) Follow routines

Managing expectations can help mitigate struggles, surprises, and tantrums. Toddlers don’t need to know exactly what’s happening but understanding routines can be very positive. For example, maybe it’s reading a story before bed, or enjoying a fresh piece of fruit while preparing breakfast.

6) Be respectful

Remember, children are individuals. Talk to them. For example, if it’s time to clean up, let them know—ask if they can put their toys away. Giving kids opportunities to contribute and be helpful works to communicate expectations, but it also promotes independence and healthy self-esteem.


At Pebbles & Piaget Preschool in Langley, our teachers are leaders in early education. We understand children are learning all the time. All our teachers are certified and undergo extensive ongoing training to stay up-to-date on the best methods to help children learn, mature, and grow.

As educators, we work to keep parents informed. Features like Watch Me Grow and Tadpoles keep our parents connected as children grow and play in our nurturing, supportive environment that fosters learning and discovery. We are immensely proud of our unique psychology-based curriculum that lays the foundation for growth across all areas of childhood development. 

We are currently accepting students ages 10 months to 5 years in all programs at our new Langley preschool in Walnut Grove. Call (778) 705-9186 to set up a tour or learn more about the programs that have distinguished us as leaders of early education in BC.


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