Pebbles & Piaget Preschool in Langley is Now Accepting Students

13 January, 2022 | By PPAdminTeam


Known for programs in daycare and early learning, Pebbles & Piaget has now grown from its Vancouver location and launched a new preschool in Langley. Pebbles & Piaget was founded in the belief that all children have unlimited value, purpose, and potential. To unlock their full capabilities, we offer classes that nurture both body and mind.

Our psychologically based programs are developed around the teachings of Swiss Psychologist Jean Piaget, a specialist in child development. Through ongoing work and research, we have developed a curriculum that fosters development across all areas through classes that are balanced, well-rounded, and most importantly, enjoyable for your little ones. We offer a space where even the youngest of students work alongside our skilled teachers who construct a solid foundation for the educational journeys that lie ahead for each of them. 

A Top-Rated Preschool

We’re proud both parents and students have enthusiastically received this program. Our Vancouver School has earned a 4.6 rating on Google with 32 reviews, and we recently decided to open a new location in Langley to serve young families looking for the very best in early childhood education and childcare.

Like our Vancouver location, our new preschool in Langley offers both teacher-led scaffolding and self-guided exploration in order to foster long-term confidence. A love for learning cannot sprout from passive lecture and rote practise alone. We immerse young minds in an educational environment that stimulates all the senses while offering a trusted hands-on approach to help navigate the hurdles. 

Our team of dedicated teachers, all licensed by the province of BC, work tirelessly to foster a proactive, productive atmosphere that offers the latest developments in early learning practices. This program is multifaceted, blending elements from many of the most successful early education philosophies in history and amalgamating them with modern advances in child-friendly academics and technological concepts. 

Preschool Programs for Different Age Groups

The first five years of life are critical in setting the tone for future success in almost all areas of child development. That’s why we balance structured learning with exploratory play to adequately feed young minds. Pebbles and Piaget’s curriculum offers a multifaceted program that allows children to explore and engage while cultivating a love for learning and a respect for structure and boundaries. 

Our curriculum offers programs that uniquely meet the developmental needs of children at each level:  

Our new preschool in Langley offers an alternative to traditional child care. On top of providing an introduction to fundamental subject matter such as literacy, mathematics, science, and socials, Pebbles & Piaget reinforces the importance of creative expression. We believe the arts are pivotal to well-rounded development and include music, dramatic play and visual arts as part of our curriculum. 

Enroll at Our New Preschool in Langley

For parents who want balanced & adventurous exploration combined with opportunities for peer social engagement and an introduction to teacher-guided instruction, Pebbles & Piaget’s new preschool in Langley is now accepting students. For more, please contact us using the form below. You can also call (778) 705-9186.


Pebbles & Piaget has created early learning programs (ECE) that stimulate the five senses and plant the seed for future success across all areas of development. To learn more about our junior kindergarten and our other programs in Vancouver and Langley, please contact us.

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