Vancouver and Langley Preschools Launch Season of Sharing Campaign

At Pebbles & Piaget Early Learning, we believe in planting the seed for helping others early. As Early Childhood Educators, we see students are capable of empathy beyond our understanding, and so inviting them to embark on a collective project in the spirit of giving has always been an essential…

20 November, 2023 | By PPAdminTeam

Choosing a Daycare in Langley

The search begins—with a quickly typed inquiry of “daycare near me,” Google provides over 900,000 results. It’s likely most parents will only check the first page or two. Who has time? As pioneers in early learning, we wanted to share tips to help you make one of the most important…

4 August, 2023 | By PPAdminTeam

Helping Kids Learn Through Fun

As a daycare in Langley in Vancouver, we at Pebbles & Piaget combine a unique psychology-based curriculum with periods of purposeful play. Our licensed instructors balance teacher-led learning with activities designed to stimulate the five senses, helping little ones to grow and preparing them for their academic future. As a…

10 May, 2023 | By PPAdminTeam

Helping Little Ones Master Emotional Intelligence

As a top-rated preschool in Langley and Vancouver, one of the factors that distinguish Pebbles & Piaget is our thematically diverse curriculum. Our lessons help little ones to grow physically, cognitively, and emotionally. One of the most important lessons is modelling emotional intelligence and supporting its development in our students.…

24 February, 2023 | By PPAdminTeam

Christmas Toy Drive Drop-offs at Daycare in Langley and Vancouver

As part of The Season of Sharing, the annual Christmas Toy Drive will be taking place as Pebbles and Piaget—at both the Vancouver and Langley daycare locations. As an ECE school and daycare, we offer a thematically diverse curriculum that paves the steppingstones for learning across all areas of early childhood development—this…

22 November, 2022 | By PPAdminTeam

Celebrating Success: Graduation Day Returns for Junior kindergarten 2

Last August was a milestone month for the staff and students at Pebbles & Piaget. After three years of suspending a proper graduation ceremony due to COVID-related safety concerns, we were finally able to return to the beautiful Westfield Golf Club to enjoy a delicious brunch and commemorate the accomplishments…

28 October, 2022 | By PPAdminTeam

Art- Part of a Well-rounded Daycare Curriculum

When it comes time for parents to look into daycare and preschool for their children, it is important that they seek out a program that addresses a child’s specific needs and provides the best education possible. As a well-rounded curriculum designed to help students grow physically, cognitively and emotionally, we…

30 August, 2022 | By PPAdminTeam

The Best Daycare Near Me: Factors to Consider

Finding the right daycare can be tricky for parents. Many turn to Google and search—best daycare near me. It makes sense. Understandably, convenient proximity is a priority for many busy parents on their way to work. Once a family has decided it’s the right time for preschool, the challenge becomes…

8 August, 2022 | By PPAdminTeam

Child Care in Langley: Teaching the Whole Child

Parents consider Pebbles' child care in Langley for many reasons. One of the biggest is that higher education is competitive. Many parents want to do whatever they can to help their little ones get ahead. As pioneers in early learning, we offer a holistic curriculum that caters to the whole…

28 June, 2022 | By PPAdminTeam

Pebbles & Piaget Early Learning Langley: 5 Social Skills for Lifelong Success 

At Pebbles & Piaget, we believe the benefits of learning social skills go beyond social settings. That’s why our curriculum for early learning in Langley and Vancouver places strong emphasis on teaching, reinforcing, and practising these skills for the lifelong benefit of our students. Recently scholars have a lot to say…

16 May, 2022 | By PPAdminTeam


Pebbles & Piaget has created early learning programs (ECE) that stimulate the five senses and plant the seed for future success across all areas of development. To learn more about our junior kindergarten and our other programs in Vancouver and Langley, please contact us.

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